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Graver ses CD et banques de sons au format Akai
2003 Toutes les informations pour pouvoir graver soi-même des CD-rom et banques de sons au format Akai, et sauvegarder par exemple ses disques durs, Zip, Syquest, formatés Akai.

Visitez mon site musique :
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Visit my music website :
(mp3 albums, videos, remixes, infos...).

  • First read this : IceCool's writing from his site akaiscsifaq :

    Q) If I have a CD-RECORDER and any AKAI formatted media, can I make my own AKAI CD-ROM's for storage or whatever ? What is DISK2FILE and how does it work ? Can I make my own AKAI format CDs ?

    A) Yes! You can create your own AKAI CD-ROM's, but you'll need a few things: firstly a correctly installed CD-Recording unit (any kind or brand should work fine), next a 540MB AKAI formatted HD with the stuff you want to master on your CD and a little program called DISK2FILE, but you can do without it if you have a CD-Recording software, with the option to create ISO images from RAW SCSI devices: this is what DISK2FILE does, it converts any type of OS formatted SCSI media in a DOS ISO file ready to be written to your CD or be compressed for storage.

    OK, once you have your AKAI formatted HD hooked up to your CD-R SCSI chain to your PC and have installed DISK2FILE, you can launch it and select the ID of your AKAI HD. Now make your ISO image by selecting DISK2FILE mode and clicking on read. Once finished making the ISO image of your AKAI HD you can launch your CD-r software.

    The options may vary depending on the software you have, but you should find something like "burn CD from ISO image" or "create CD from external image". It will then ask you where the ISO file is located so just select your new file and you're ready to go!. Depending to the recording software used, you'll have to rename .ISO with somethink else (ex: .NRG for Nero 5). Click on make CD (burn) and you should be creating your first home made AKAI CD !

    Just one note: if you have a HD that is bigger than 510MBs, the surplus will be wasted space (not indexed by AKAI), if you have one smaller than 510MB, you will only be able to create a CD of that same size, theoretically without the possibility of appending other sessions - AKAI CDs are all MODE 1 and not multisession. I have not tried personally but I have seen working MODE 2 mastered AKAI CDs so you never know. "

  • Where to find Disk2File ?
    You will find the latest disk2File version at Version 1.31 works for Win 95, Win98, NT and Millenium... Just try by yourself ! (See the conditions of use and license agreement inside )

  • Where to get Disk2File documentation ?
    You can find on line product documentation using a link on the same site. It's also bundled in the install.exe as a PDF file. Read it too !

  • Where to get help ?
    There's a small online forum for FAQ you should read too.

  • Whose CD Recording software to use ?
    As it's said that you should use Ezcdpro, Gear ,or Cdrwin to burn your Akai CD ( format compatibility ). You can download CDRWIN at here .

  • Important note :
    A limitation of the previous versions of disk2file was a matter of choosing the right numbers of sectors size. The numbers of sectors size had to be manually set to a multiple of 2048. This have been fixed in versions 1.30. You should now not take care of this limitation.

  • Tips :
    With disk2file, i found that it's working sometimes better when you tell the "sector size" yourself instead of selecting the "all sectors" (to build the iso file). Just try both solutions, and see what is working the best for you. I found those settings are working great for me : for an Akai HD, I type 1105000 (about 540 Mo) for a Syquest 136 Mo, type 262000.

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